Programs for All Ages and Interests

Our hard-style curriculum covers such classic animal styles as the tiger, bird, and praying mantis systems as well as weapons like the staff, nunchaku, broadsword, and sai.

Our kung fu classes also include self-defense techniques and controlled sparring.

Our soft-style curriculum covers breathing and meditation techniques as well as both empty hand and weapon forms from the Tai Chi, Pa Kua, and Hsing I systems.

Our internal classes are very popular with our older students and those looking for a less physically demanding curriculum.

We offer a separate class for children ages 5 – 12 for our younger students. They will learn the same material as our adult Shaolin-Do students but in an environment and at a pace that caters to their learning needs.

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Thankfully, patience is also an attribute I have gained with the practice of this ancient Chinese fighting art. Patience is truly necessary when you consider the amount of time necessary to learn and develop Shaolin-Do in a meaningful and practical way. Perhaps my advice might seem over simplified, but I assure you it has worked for me: practice, practice, practice and patience, patience, patience; you can only get better.

Claude Meares

3rd Degree Black Belt