• We teach the ancient art of Shaolin-Do kung fu.  Come learn the original martial art with us.  Get in better shape, learn to defend yourself, and have fun doing it!  It's not a hobby, it's a way of life!
  • In addition to our hard-style kung fu program, we also offer a soft-style internal curriculum that covers Tai Chi, Pa Kua, and meditation.
  • We offer a separate kids program to help our youngest students thrive!  <i>Shaolin Kids</i> is open to children from ages 5 to 12 and meets on a variety of days and times to accommodate everyone's schedule.

The Sin Thé Karate School is the oldest and most reputable martial arts school in Lexington, KY. It is the international home of Shaolin-Do, offering the ancient martial art of the Shaolin Temples in China to the people of Lexington since 1964! Before anyone had ever heard of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li, Grandmaster Sin Thé was teaching Shaolin-Do!

We offer a range of classes, including both hard and soft style Shaolin-Do Kung Fu for both adults and children! Our hard style curriculum covers such classic animal styles as the tiger, bird, praying mantis, monkey, and snake systems and weapons like the staff, nunchaku, short stick, broadsword, and sai. Our soft style curriculum covers breathing and meditation techniques and also empty hand and weapon forms from Tai Chi, Pa Kua, and Hsing I.

We have something to offer everyone . honor, loyalty, discipline, conditioning, and mental health. Come join us today to start your life-long journey to both a better mind and a better body in Shaolin-Do!

"If your primary interest is tournament skills, I advise you to seek your training elsewhere! Most of what you will learn here is too lethal for tournament use. I teach the ancient system of Shaolin-Do, 'Art of survival, not of sport.' As did the immortals, we should learn to destroy so that we may preserve! It is a way of truth. The knowledge that I offer you is not an athletic training; it is a sacred trust."

Shaolin-Do Grandmaster Sin Kwang Thé

What We Offer
Shaolin Kung Fu
Tai Chi / Internal Program
Weight Room

We offer Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi for adults and children.

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Mark Bongard

4th Degree Black Belt

My journey to Shaolin started with my family in April 2002. To explain, though, I have to go a little further back in time. My two sons, Matt and Alex had taken Tae Kwan Do and had tried to get me to take it with them. I have jogged regularly since college, so I was in fairly good shape, but I did not think that I could jump, kick and remember kata. I was then in my early 40s and it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Therefore, I always resisted their invitations.

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Upcoming Events

Single Grass Sickle Seminar

Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Senior Master Sean Elliott will teach the Shaolin Grass Sickle (Single Kama) form.

Spring Seminar

Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Grandmaster Sin Thé will teach a new form at his annual spring seminar. Material to be announced soon.

Cotton Fist Seminar

Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Grandmaster Sin Thé will teach the first two roads of the legendary Cotton Fist system.

Lower Rank Test

Sunday, March 18, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Grandmaster Sin Thé will hold a test for any lower rank student (white - brown belt/sash) who is ready to test.

Black Belt Test

Sunday, March 18, 2018 at 10:00 AM

Grandmaster Sin Thé and a committee of masters will hold a test for any black belt/sash student who is ready to test.

Spring Rank Advancement Test

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 6:30 PM

Grandmaster Sin Thé will conduct our quarterly rank advancement test.

Be sure to check out the schedule for all the upcoming events, class times, and hours.


Cotton Fist Seminar

Posted: January 19, 2018 7:55 PM

For the first time ever, Grandmaster Sin Thé will be teaching the legendary Mien Chien — Cotton Fist system which was developed by Mulan. At his seminar in Lexington, KY on Saturday, March 17th he will teach the 1st Road (The Meteoric Burst of Fire of the Five Flowers) and the 2nd Road (The Meteoric Hammer of the Five Flowers) of the Cotton Fist. Mulan was an observer of nature and was taken by the lightness of the cottonwood seeds as they burst open and cover everything after floating through the air, only to be stirred up again by the slightest breeze. These forms develop the lightness of the body and contain a number of moves which crouch to the ground and the leap into the air.

Registration Form (PDF)

At his fall seminar in September, he will teach the 3rd and 4th Roads. The four roads of the Cotton Fist will be added as optional material for rank advancement from 2nd to 3rd Degree Black Belt.

Winter Weather Updates

Posted: January 11, 2018 10:29 AM

Given the winter weather forecast for this weekend, we want to remind everyone to please watch the school's website (sinthe.com), Facebook Page (facebook.com/sinthekarateschool), and Twitter account (@sinthekarate) for updates and closing information. We will also contact the local news stations when possible. As always, please use your best judgement and be safe.

Expanded Black Belt Rank Advancement Material

Posted: January 2, 2018 3:30 PM

In December, Grandmaster Sin Thé and Elder Master Bill Leonard announced that they have added all of the seminar material that Grandmaster Sin Thé has taught in the last 20+ years to the black belt rank advancement requirements. All of the existing material is still in its original place and all of the required material is the same. The seminar kata have been added as options to fill out the ten pieces of material required for rank advancement. As Grandmaster Sin Thé continues to teach out material, it will be added into the rank advancement requirements.

You can view the current black belt rank advancement requirements via the PDF linked below.

New Black Belt Rank Advancement Material (PDF)

Save the Dates for March

Posted: December 18, 2017 9:56 AM

Grandmaster Sin Thé has already announced the dates for the spring seminar and testing in March in Lexington.

  • Saturday, March 17th — Seminar at Lexington Catholic High School
  • Sunday, March 18th — Lower Rank and Black Belt Testing at Sin Thé Karate School

Congratulations to These Black Belts

Posted: December 11, 2017 11:20 AM

Congratulations to the black belts who passed their tests in front of Grandmaster Sin Thé and the committee of masters.



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