At the Sin Thé Karate School, we teach traditional Chinese martial arts and we can trace our lineage directly back to the legendary Shaolin Temples in China.

For more information on the history of Shaolin-Do martial arts, please visit our History page.

Grandmaster Sin Kwang Thé (1943 – present)

Grandmaster Sin Thé began teaching in Lexington, KY in 1964 at Transylvania University and then the University of Kentucky shortly thereafter. Over his 60+ years of instruction, he has trained multiple thousands of students who have achieved the honor of earning their black belts, and nearly 100 students who have attained the rank and title of “Master.”

After Grandmaster Sin moved to California in the 1990s, he left the Sin Thé Karate School to his most trusted and senior student, Bill Leonard. Grandmaster Sin still visits our school four times per year to conduct our rank advancement tests and teach new material at his seminars.

Eldest Master Bill Leonard (1948 – 2023)

Eldest Master Bill Leonard was Grandmaster Sin Thé’s most senior student, having been with him since 1967. He was the first non-Chinese to ever attain the rank of 10th Degree Black Belt, having been promoted to that rank by Grandmaster Sin in March 2023.

Eldest Master Leonard not only taught students of all ranks but was often sought out by Shaolin-Do students and masters from across the country for private lessons. He personally trained more than 10,000 students to the rank of black belt, not to mention the countless other students who trained under his guidance over the years.

While known for his intense dedication, fierce loyalty, and sense of honor, he was also know as an incredible instructor. He is often the reason many students give for continuing their studies in Shaolin-Do. He was also regarded as the premier fighter in all of Shaolin-Do, having won countless tournaments over the years.

His wife, Dale, who tragically passed away in 2017 was also a 1st Degree Black Belt. He had five children and seven grandchildren.

Elder Master Ben Collins (1979 – present)

Upon Eldest Master Leonard’s passing in 2023, he left the school to his senior student, Elder Master Ben Collins. Elder Master Collins began his training under Grandmaster Sin Thé in 1989 and earned his black belt in 1991. After Grandmaster Sin moved to California, he continued his training directly under Eldest Master Leonard until his death.

Elder Master Collins was promoted to 8th Degree Black Belt by Grandmaster Sin Thé in June 2023. He is known for his dedication to the art and his patience teaching. He has continued Eldest Master Leonard’s practice and responsibility in teaching private lessons to students and master from across the country.

His wife, Master Andra Collins, both teaches and studies at the school also. His father, Elder Master Herman Collins, passed away suddenly in 2023.