Adult Kung Fu

Fun, empowering martial arts classes for all ages & skill levels. For over 30 years, the Sin Thé Karate School has been teaching students how to build their fitness, self-esteem, flexibility, and more.

A Life Changing Martial Art

We have been teaching Kung Fu in Lexington for over 30 years now and we have seen the many ways it has improved countless people’s lives.

The Only Two Things You Need to Know About Us

FACT #1: We DO NOT use contracts! The students at our school stay for years and years because it is the absolute best choice. The material is engaging and fun to learn, the skills effective, the community is unbelievable, and the owners/head instructors create the best culture and atmosphere you will find at a martial art school. We have many black belts (requires 2-3 years to reach black belt) and masters (requires 17+ years to reach 5th degree black belt) that have continuously trained for more than 10 years at our school. If achieving a black belt or higher is your goal, then this confirms we’re the place for you.

FACT #2: Most martial art schools cater primarily to kids. They employ games and fun activities to keep the kids engaged. Parents will keep paying as long as their child is having fun, but adults will only spend their money and their time (which is more valuable than money) on something that makes their life better. So when the majority of your students are adults that also says something powerful about the value of the material and experience at a school.

All in all this tells you that the school you will find at Shaolin-Do lives up to our testimonials in Google and Yelp. If you are looking for a life-changing experience for yourself or child then we are the absolute best!