Don Enzweiler

6th Degree Black Belt

Not being much in the way of athletic, a close encounter with a couple of less then scrupulous gentlemen at the ripe old age of 29 got me started in the art of Shaolin-Do. Despite being much older than many of my classmates, I began learning the art of punching and kicking. Little did I know then that Shaolin-Do would become a way of life.

As time passed and the material grew longer and more difficult, I kept asking myself, "Why do you keep doing all of this? Especially at your age!" The answer to this question was not completely known until after I survived two separate crises in my life — cancer and double knee replacement surgery. During the recovery and rehabilitation of both of these occurrences, I kept hearing the voices of my teachers. Grandmaster Sin Thé saying "One more time" and "Again" and Elder Master Leonard saying, "Don’t quit now. You can do this!"

If you asked me why I still keep doing all of this, I would probably reply, "Because I can. And I enjoy it."

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