September Events — Mark Your Calendars!

Posted: July 29, 2017 5:52 PM

Grandmaster Sin Thé has announced the dates for the tournament and seminar in September as well as the material for his seminar!

Saturday, September 9th — Fall Gathering

Grandmaster Sin Thé and the SDA will hold their annual tournament in Lexington. This particular tournament will be the Dale Leonard Memorial Tournament, in honor of Dale Leonard who died tragically in March of this year. Dale was the heart and soul of the Sin Thé Karate School, the SDA, and of Shaolin-Do students everywhere.

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Sunday, September 10th — Hsing-I Spear Seminar

For the first time ever, Grandmaster Sin Thé will teach the Strange Spear of the Hsing-I Fist form at his annual fall seminar.

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