8 Immortal 2-Edge Sword Seminar

Posted: May 15, 2017 7:38 AM

For the first time ever, Grandmaster Sin Thé will teach the 8 Immortal 2-Edge Sword at his annual summer seminar in Lexington, KY. This beautiful form is from the sober side of the drunken system and is two sections long and consists of twenty four postures. This particular form covers a number of techniques with the 2-edge sword, including the upward flip (peng), dot the sword (tien), thrust (tzen), palm-up slice (liao), carry (tai), block up (chia), wash (shi), upward jab (chuan), and many others! It is excellent for beginners or experienced sword practictioners.

DVDs must be preordered and will be handed out at the seminar. No exceptions!

The deadline to preregister is June 3rd.

Registration Form (PDF)

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